Creative Movement Challenge

CREATIVE MOVEMENT CHALLENGE (Dancers may use any category below for this challenge. Note: You can NOT utilize a category more than once.)

Acrobatic/Gymnastic Dance: Routine using controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chestrolls, etc. May contain gymnastic passes, flexibility moves, and/or contortionist moves. (A tumbling pass is considered one trick.) Must contain dance moves, steps and choreography.

Ballet: Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements.

Baton: Routine using baton(s) and baton technique. Will be judged on both baton technique and dance moves, steps and choreography.

Character: Routine must portray a character throughout. Can be from a play, movie, television, Broadway, or a stereotype such as a policeman, cowboy, doctor, animal, etc.

Folkloric: Routine using ethnic styles of dance such as Polkas, Hawaiian, Spanish, Celtic, etc. Jazz: Routine using primarily jazz technique.

Contemporary: Routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.

Modern: Interpretive routine using a contemporary/modern style. Should incorporate balance, control, and extension moves.

Lyrical: Routine encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music.

Salsa: The Salsa  is a lively,  fiery  and  enjoyable dance  that  is really  easy to get  the  basics  of.  In essence,  Salsa  is  no  more  than  a  step  forward  and  a  step  back,  with  a  rock  in  between.  It's  largely  a  partner  dance,  but  with  many  fancy  "shines"  that  can  be  thrown in individually.

Swing: Routine that is danced in a slot to moderate tempo blues, R&B and, contemporary music.


Auditions Registrations Per Dancer:

Pre-Registration $30

Day Of Event Registration: $40+

Junior Division 3 - 17 years old: $30 (Advance Registration Only)



Senior Division 16 - 65 years old: $30 (Advance Registration Only)



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Creative Movement Challenge
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