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Here at DanceTalk Network (DTN), we believe art to be a form of civic engagement. Art is particularly potent in making room, creating outlets, and serving communities that are structurally disenfranchised. All major movements throughout the history of the United States for the progression of marginalized communities have been associated with artistic and visual depiction, dance, spoken word, music, and cultural expression. It is these elements that Dance Talk Network values and employs as apparatuses for social change.
DTN seeks to empower the minds of those who belong to communities vilified and marginalized by society at large. Art is constructive, and for those not given the same rights as others, it is something to excel at and to embrace despite the structural injustice they must endure. Our shows are, most importantly, inclusive and seek to portray all cultures rather than just the mainstream. By way of reality TV, we seek to accurately, positively, and holistically depict a portrayal of American culture.
Moreover, many featured events broad-casted on our network also charitably aid in causes such as youth literacy and human trafficking. Philanthropy is an essential to DTN’s overall mission as well. While we acknowledge the power of social change conceptually, we also understand that the financial backing of social change is just as comparable in importance.









Shamiar Spann


Shamiar has since captivated audiences by conducting energized interviews with top celebrity dancers to up and coming ballerinas. And with her wit, charm and extensive insight into the world of dance, she has added a cascade of PR credits to her repertoire, along with accomplished host, philanthropist and interviewer for DanceTalk Dialogue in the Atlanta surrounding area.

Shamiar’s feet may be firmly rooted, but her passion for dance has taken her to new heights and thrust her into a career that has allowed to appear across all mediums of media, including print, radio, TV and online. She’s been featured in countless programs where she has been able to exhibit her boundless talent like “Bring It” & “The Prancing Elites Projects” and this is only the beginning.
Shamiar is a trailblazer for dancers and the archetype of music in motion. She has permeated the dance world with a unique style that is unrivaled and will be admired for years to come.

Shamiar Spann is a woman not only of ambition but of imagination. Most of the time, people say “you have to be realistic in order to accomplish your goals.” However, what one tells herself is realistic, is what she will achieve. She has no limits; she shows this being the first black woman to be the owner and founder of a Dance and Arts TV network. She invites you to join her on her new adventure with the TV Network as she cultivates the publication with events, innovative promotions and partnerships that offer support for the camaraderie of the Arts nationwide.

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